Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's been a while...

...since I posted here. Mainly because I didn't end up doing the book project that I had planned, so blogging about nothing is pretty pointless [doesn't mean people don't do it.]

But I'm compelled to write today because Apple just loosened their development rules for iOS. This is widely read to mean that Adobe's Flash conversion/authoring tool would now be acceptable for authoring iOS apps. Neat! Adobe had previously announced that they had stopped development of their Flash conversion tool; will they turn around and restart it? and if so, how long until they get a product out the door?

And if they don't, who will be entering the iOS authoring space? REAL Software seems to be interested...

It's certainly an interesting "development."

A few weeks back there was word that Apple would be announcing a new version of iLife, and it would have a "mystery application." At the time I was wondering if it might not be some kind of end-user tool for creating iPhone/iPad apps; something along the lines of HyperCard.

It seemed a logical thing for Apple to consider, given that they already have word processing (Pages), presentations (Keynote), music (GarageBand), video (iMovie) and Web authoring (iWeb).

And maybe they will.

But if they don't plan on doing something like that, at least now they've made it possible for other developers to do so.

Now we just have to wait a bit longer...

REAL Software: iOS Development in REAL Studio
AppleInsider: 64-bit iLife '11 said to arrive in August with a 'mystery' application