Friday, January 29, 2010

More on iStudio Publisher

A little searching turned up this interesting post on The eBook Test blog from back at the end of 2008 about another program that the developer of iStudio Publisher was talking about producing: iStudio Bookbuilder. It is/was supposed to be built specifically for building eBooks.
[I]t will be very similar to iStudio Publisher, which is focussed on drawing / layouts, and turning the focus more to writing. There will be lots of features for writers, such as allowing the writer to make notes and save URLs against certain parts of the text, auto indexing, advanced stylesheets, outputting to ePub and many more features.
Unfortunately, there's nothing on their site about it. There's also little about the ePub export in iStudio Publisher, which is even more annoying. The only thing I've found is this from their FAQ:
The current version of iStudio Publisher supports exporting documents to PDF file, and text flows to EPUB file (ebook format) and RTF file (styled text).
Which pretty much confirms what I've found; as soon as you install a graphic into an iStudio Publisher document, the ePub export gets turned off (and removing the graphic doesn't turn it back on.)


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