Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh! Umm....Printing?

Years ago, when I bought my second motorcycle, I was very excited because it had electric start. No more having to kick-start the thing! I'd had the bike for a couple of weeks when I was showing it to a friend, and he asked "Can you kick-start it too?" and I said "Sure!" and looked down for the pedal I assumed would be wasn't. The bike could only be started using the electric start!

Not that this turned out to be a problem; at least during the time I had it. But looking back, it was funny how I was so focused on the electric start that I never even checked or thought about the possible lack of a kick-start.

I feel a bit the same today, as I suddenly realized I had given absolutely no thought to printing from the iPad. It was never mentioned during the roll-out demo, and hasn't gotten a lot of coverage in the articles I've seen either. I'm assuming it will do something...but probably limited to network printers, and maybe that's a big assumption too.

Fortunately, others have asked the question, and AppleInsider reports that, at least for the Enterprise:
Sources who talked to Apple's business unit also say the company is working on some additional features that haven't been publicly announced yet. These include support for direct network printing from iPad apps, as well as support for accessing shared files from a local file server.

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