Thursday, February 11, 2010

BNC Technology Forum, March 25th, Toronto

If you're going to be in Toronto on March 25th, you might want to check on the BNC Technology Forum: Calculated Risk: Adventures in Book Publishing. At least one of the sessions looks particularly interesting:

Open Source ePub: Digital Books
Liza Daly, Threepress Consulting
One of the many challenges in digital publishing is a loss of control over the layout and design of ebooks. The proliferation of ereading systems -- on computers, smartphones and hybrids like tablets or netbooks -- means that readers are experiencing books in ways that publishers can't predict. This presentation will focus on the formatting options available in ePub, how open standards like CSS are implemented in the real world, and identify those features of eBooks which can be controlled, and those that are just part of the new publishing reality. We'll also look ahead to what's coming in eBook technology and how to prepare for it.

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