Monday, February 22, 2010


Flash support missing because of "hover" lack
In a touch screen world most people won’t care or even understand how to interact with flash banners that were designed with cursors and hovering in mind. In a perfect world devoid of snipes and verbal sparring, Apple and Adobe could work together to make existing flash sites and banners appear on an iPad. Completely possible! But it would suck.
Hmmm....I'm not sure I buy it. For Apple not to include Flash support because a certain class of Flash authored material won't exactly work right? It just doesn't make sense to me.
Source: Gizmodo

The Real Agenda Behind Apple’s Decision on iPad Flash Support

Technologies like Flash and Silverlight allow developers to create rich content that can be delivered via a web browser. There is no gatekeeper regarding who may run such content as long as the user has a web browser that supports the plug in technology. This open access model directly threatens Apple’s obsession with retaining tight control over what applications are allowed to run on the iPad.
I'd buy this more than the hover theory; except that the App store is still "protected"; you can't distribute Flash "apps" other than through the store (unless they are simple things that run on the web.
Source: The Rational Walk

College Newspaper Warms Up Its Digital iPad Press
The student newspaper at Abilene Christian University isn't waiting for iPads to hit the shelves before taking up the opportunity the device holds for print publications. The Optimist has developed its own app for the new platform. "We can't wait until [the iPad] is adopted by a critical mass of people," Professor Kenneth Pybus said. "We want to be up and running and there when they're ready for us."
Source: TechNewsWorld

The iPad to go on presale this week?
According to a reliable source of ours familiar with the matter, Apple will be starting the presale of the iPad as soon as February 25th.
Source: appadvice

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