Friday, February 19, 2010


CBS: We’ll Cut iTunes Prices for Some Shows
CBS CEO Les Moonves says the broadcaster will mark down the price on some of its shows from $1.99 to 99 cents.
“There are certain shows that will be sold on Apple for 99 cents,” Moonves said today, adding, however, that details have not been worked out.

Source: MediaMemo

iPad SDK hints at new widget, URL, and dictionary features
The idea that the iPad will undoubtedly present additional features at its actual launch date should come as no surprise, as Apple has similarly certain reserved features for other products it has announced months ahead of their actual launch, including Apple TV and the iPhone.
Source: AppleInsider

Adobe's DRM vexes e-book owners
But users say ADEPT fails to live up to Adobe’s promise of interoperability between e-readers and e-book stores. For instance, e-books bought from Barnes & Noble, for now, work only on the nook e-reader—not other popular e-readers such as the Sony Reader, even though both use Adobe’s DRM.
Source: Macworld/Computerworld

Apple and e-book DRM: Will they? Should they?
DRM has always been a double-edged sword: there’s good intentions behind making sure that those responsible for creating a song, movie, or book are rewarded for their time and work, but any creative effort is only meaningful if it’s consumed by an audience. What good is a book nobody ever reads or a movie nobody ever sees?
Source: Macworld

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