Friday, February 5, 2010

Here & There

How will the iPad feel?
Interesting article in Gizmodo (and more detailed at Uxmag) about the Apple interface guidelines for the iPad. As good as the Mac OS might have been, I always felt it was the consistency of the UI guidelines which really set the Mac experience apart from Windows in the early days.

DOJ and Goggle Tango
The U.S. Justice Dept is still unsure about Google's Book Search: "it still could give the company anticompetitive advantages in the digital book marketplace."

Samsung unveils another eReader
The E61 is similar in size to the Kindle, with a 6 inch black and white screen.

Comicbooks with Panelfly
Another article at Gizmodo about Panelfly, makers of a comic book iPhone app who are working on an update for the iPad.

Steve Jobs does show and tell for The New York Times
There's practically nothing you can learn from this article at Gawker, other than the fact that he went and spoke to the Times and Wall Street Journal.
If Apple doesn't do it, someone will bring comics to the iPad.

Hachett Book Group to go to Agency Model
Translation: raised prices on eBooks.

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