Wednesday, February 24, 2010


E-Magazines and E-Newspapers Benefit Everyone
E-newspapers and E-magazines could actually save many of the print publications that are struggling through the digital age. This type of e-subscription service would be quite easy to implement with the current and upcoming slate and tablet devices like the Apple iPad tablet and the Amazon Kindle E-reader. This would allow for e-magazines and e-newspapers to be delivered in a more environmentally friendly way than the current paper publications.

Apple iPad demand exceeding pre-launch iPhone buzz?
A new survey has found that 13 percent of respondents are likely to buy Apple's forthcoming iPad, a number greater than the 9 percent who planned to purchase an iPhone before its launch in 2007.
I'm skeptical; simply going on the perceived buzz of people I know, I don't think that there's more interest in the iPad than there was in the iPhone.
Source: AppleInsider

Apple to sell iPad at Best Buy and other assisted locations
Apple said Tuesday that sales of its upcoming iPad device will follow a model similar to that of the iPhone during its onset, with availability limited to the company's direct sales channels and select other retail locations that receive Apple assistance.
"Initially it will be around places with really great assisted sales," Cook said. "Over time it will expand."
And yes, he also means Best Buy!
Source: AppleInsider

Apple iPad Applications for Digital Publications
Who Will Emerge as the Leading Developer of eReader Apps?
Apple's highly anticipated release of the iPad has brought on a surge of enthusiasm from within the print industry. Magazine and newspaper publishers are chomping at the bit for an opportunity to revive their struggling print publications through Apple's promising new digital media platform.

....And we're waiting to see if Apple will start taking pre-orders for the iPad tomorrow!!...

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