Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Books in the age of the iPad

Craig Mod takes a look at the iPad and wonders about the future of book design, and whether the iPad will be better at Definite Content (content with a well defined form) than Formless Content (i.e. novels.)

It's an interesting discussion, though really it's just the beginning of the discussion, and we don't know enough about the tools Apple is supplying. If the ePub format is the only thing Apple is promoting, and it's standard ePub, then it's not going to do Definite Content very well - composing graphics within text is going to be hit or miss.

Unless you use PDF. Or you use your own content viewer. Using PDF is still limiting, and we don't even know if Apple's iBookStore will support it; and making your own content viewer means that buyers have to find you in the app store, not the book store.

I think we have to wait a couple of weeks before we can really have a meaningful discussion...

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