Saturday, March 6, 2010

No Tethering - this is news?

Someone sent Steve Jobs an email asking if the iPad could be tethered to an iPhone, and he sent back an email with a five word answer, and four of them were "Sent from my iPhone." The other one was - No. And now a bunch of sites are reporting on it; which makes me wonder why they bothered? Is that news? Isn't it a bit like sending him an email asking if you can get the iPad with an e ink screen? I mean, it's an interesting question, but don't we already know the answer to that as well - No?!

Yes, Apple added the technical capability for tethering back when the 3.0 OS came out, but AT&T hasn't offered a tethering plan (and with them having network problems in certain cities as it is, they probably aren't going to do it any time soon.) So right now, you can't tether an iPhone to anything.

And whatever you think of AT&T/Apple and their inability/unwillingness to provide the service, if you can't tether an iPhone to any other device, why did anyone think you'd be able to tether it to an iPad?!

Okay, I get it....we're all desperate for something to write about while we sit here waiting for the iPad to be released, but don't we have to draw the line somewhere?

AppleInsider, Engadget

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