Thursday, March 25, 2010

The excitement mounts...

As we get closer to release date, all kinds of things have been bubbling up....CBS is testing HTML 5 iPad video, the Wall Street Journal is rumored to be considering a price of $17.99 a month (ouch!) and Random House is evidently wary of getting it's toe in the iPad world. Something to do with price wars and lower prices...

My friend who reserved a 32GB WiFi iPad (the same model I ordered) is having second thoughts and wonders if he should get the 64GB model. I wonder if I should get the 3G model, but am pretty confident I made the right decision.

The iPad case I ordered is still expected to ship April 3rd (despite reports that there's now a delay on those.) I'm told it's a cheap and nasty thing (despite costing $40) but all of the other cases I've seen cost way more, or don't really appeal to me, so I guess I'll just live with it.

It's an exciting time; and yet we really still know so little. But in a little over a week, we'll know a lot more!

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