Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Which Keyboard?

I'm not really sure whether I need a real keyboard for the iPad or not. Do I plan to do a lot of typing while using it? I'm not sure. I am planning to get the Pages application (and probably Keynote and Numbers) but I'm not sure how much serious work I'll do with it.

Still, Apple has a kayboard/doc combination that will be out in mid April, and I was thinking that might be worth getting to have here at work...though maybe I'm deluding myself.

Watching the Apple demo video's yesterday, a comment about the iPad working with a Bluetooth (wireless) keyboard intrigued me, and I went and checked Apple's website:
Apple Wireless Keyboard
The completely cable-free Apple Wireless Keyboard uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your Mac or iPad.
Now I'm wondering if the Bluetooth keyboard might not be a more useful tool. Interestingly, they both list for $69 and though you'd need some kind of stand for the iPad (or long knees) I think it would offer more flexibility.

I guess I'll wait and see what it's like using the iPad; see how I use it, and also wait for the keyboard/dock to appear in stores so I can try it out and see how that works.  Maybe I'll have to get both...

Amazon: Apple Wireless Keyboard

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