Monday, March 1, 2010

To 3G or not 3G

Apple Sky has a discussion of the question; get the 3G, or don't? The article does a pretty good job of summing up the issues. One question they raised - and maybe glossed over - is something I hadn't considered:
At this point, it is assumed that since you are buying the device contract free, that it will also be an unlocked device. This would mean that as other companies all over the world announce their plans, you should be able to also purchase micro-SIMs for networks all over the world, and hopefully they will also have monthly plans.
Interestingly, the ultimate conclusion - for that writer - is to get the non 3G version. I'm actually leaning strongly in the same direction, for similar reasons; I mainly plan to use this at home or where there will be wi-fi, I already have an iPhone, so the times I'm "mobile" I have that, and finally, though the $130 price difference seems reasonable, and the $14.99 a month price isn't bad, I'm actually worried that I'll end up using it more than I plan to just because of the convenience. And that $15 a month can quickly add up!

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