Thursday, March 4, 2010

revMobile: another iPhone development environment

Development environments for the iPhone seem to be proliferating. First Adobe announced that CS5 Flash would support exporting to the iPhone environment, and now RunRev Ltd, developers of the Rev development environment, have revMobile, which work with a number of mobile environments including Windows Moble and the iPhone (no word on the iPad.)

They're got an Alpha program going (which will set you back $799) and according to the FAQ, it won't be publicly available until November (and will then cost $999).
revMobile will be the fastest way to develop mobile applications. it will be a cross-device product, so you will be able to use the same code to deploy to multiple mobile platforms, while still providing a native experience on each device.

The article "revMobile for the iPhone: the pre-alpha is here!" provides an overview of working with revMobile, taking you through implementing multitouch support in an application.

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