Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Delays, and other things

AppleInsider reports that there are delays on the Keyboard dock and the 10W USB power adapter to sometimes in April. They also report that the iPad soft case, which was supposed to ship on April 3, has been delayed until mid-April.

I just checked the status of my order, and at least at the moment, the case is still listed as "Ships: BY APRIL 3RD" so I wonder if they are now just back-ordered on the cases?

I'm curious about the keyboard dock; but decided to wait until I can see and try one in a store before risking buying one of those...

Can the iPad make it as an e-textbook reader?
While Apple has already announced deals with several publishers, mainly of bestsellers, and with The New York Times for its iBookstore, the business model for publishing digital textbooks hasn’t really emerged for most e-readers and tablets. “Overall, I’m unimpressed with the value proposition for textbooks on e-readers,” said Carl Howe, an analyst at Yankee Group Research Inc.
Source: MacWorld

VIV's Living Magazine for the iPad Combines Magazines and Movies
[The] video shows you how the spread, which is an article about five common sex fears, would look and behave when viewed on the iPad. The video below shows how they made it, including shooting the models with the RED camera and creating all of the environments to stick them in.
Source: Gizmodo

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