Friday, March 5, 2010


Ro Ye at the CU Blog takes a whack at the "things we don't know about the iPad" list, so here's my take on some of the questions he raises:
Ten hours of battery life, Really?
Yep! But then, do any estimates of battery life translate to your own experience? It never has for mine...the iPad will be just the same.
"Almost all" iPhone apps?
Well, "almost all" iPhone apps work on the iPod Touch, so, you know, the same applies.
Magazines on the iPad?
Are coming.
AT&T? Really?
Why not? I know, we all love to hate the carriers. But even AT&T thinks people will mainly use the iPad with WiFi (which i'm not sure if that's wishful thinking on AT&T's part, or they have some good information on that. Maybe they're just hoping that iPad users in New York will stick to WiFi.
How much for those accessories?
Way too much. That's why God invented third party manufacturers.
Why no Webcam?
Version 2!
How comfortable is the typing?
Pretty awful. Don't go writing War and Peace on it. But for web surfing and stuff, should be fine.  Blogging?  hmmmm.
Having more than one program open at a time?
Nope, nope, and nope. Live with it a little while longer.
Source: ComputerUser

How Apple's iPad Can Help The New York Times
Below we explain the importance of the online advertising division for New York Times, and how Apple’s iPad could increase unique visitors to in the future.
Source: Seeking Alhpa

Pearson sees future in Apple's iPad, e-readers
The iPad, is being touted as an educational tool by many including Apple. In recent years, Pearson has introduced range of digital learning products including eCollege, Power-School, MyLabs and Edustructures, many of which are likely to be ported and developed for Apple's iPad, which goes on sale later this month.
Source: The Industry Standard

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