Wednesday, March 3, 2010


iBooks, iPad Apps, Kindle, E-Ink: An Intro for the Perplexed
...will the iPad really save the publishing industry? And more importantly, are companies really clear on the baffling new lexicon of digital print – the iBooks, E-Ink, ePub, and eReader App world they are now forced to come to grips with? Where should publishers focus their efforts – An iBooks App? A customised iPad Native App? A Kindle App? Or even an ePub or proprietary Kindle/Nook format release?

And perhaps most importantly – which content format is appropriate for each new platform?

Source: Entropy Digital

E-Book Piracy on the iPad: Some Thoughts
Finally, and here's why book piracy both disturbs and intrigues me on some bizarre, visceral level—it's just text. The most low-bandwidth medium of all. If, in a few years, we get to the point where we have the equivalent of a premium torrent site for books, one could download an author’s entire life work formatted for their preferred e-reader for free in literally seconds, rather than minutes or hours for audiovisual content. Combine this with a publishing industry that’s learned nothing from the RIAA/MPAA’s mistakes and we have an environment where a culture of book piracy could mature exponentially faster than we’ve seen before.
Source: Apple Matters

Comparison of e-book readers
A features table comparing the iPad, Nook, Kindle 2, Kindle DX (but no Sony Reader?!)
Source: Social Compare

Apple trying to store your video in the cloud
Apple has told the studios that under the plan, iTunes users will access video from various Internet-connected devices. Apple would, of course, prefer that users access video from the iPad, the company's upcoming tablet computer, the sources said.
Source: CNet

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